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September 19th, 2019    

Abita SubtleTea Golden Ale - Popeyes, Apple Streaming, and other TBT News.

Drinking some of Abitas Subtle Tea Golden Ale, while chatting some...older news.. from Spiderman to Apple TV to the new and sold out Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. be sure to join our Facebook Group and share what beers your drinking


#tbt #popeyes #chickensandwich #byob #beer #craftbeer #funny #love #spiderman #sony #apple

September 17th, 2019    

Untitled Art Marionberry Berliner Weisse - 9/11 Remembrance and Conspiracies

XAemonX and Adam Review Untitled Art/Barrel Theroy's MarionBerry Berliner Weisse while remembering 9/11 and discussing a few theories and conspiracies... Conspiracy Theory ...


#beer #podcast #review #9/11 #September11 #conspiracy #tuesdaymotivation #remember #listen

September 10th, 2019    

Bells Two Hearted Ale - New Intro Songs Showcase

We've got a Partial ThrowBack Episode today. A Lost Review of xAemonX and Adam drinking Bells Two Hearted Ale, which the recording was prior to it being labeled Best Beer in America, lol, who would've thought. Then Afterwords, we showcase Two Songs that were given to us to use in future episodes, which we will officially use at the start of YEAR 2, starting in Mid-October.    Please be sure to join our Facebook Group at "Opinions and Beer"  and thank you for listening!! 

September 3rd, 2019    

Labor Day Beer - Saint Arnolds Divine Reserve 14 & 18, Voodoo Ranger, 420 Extra Pale Ale, Texas Golden Bock, and Wick for Brains Pumpkin ale

Todays Episode Features some Beers RayMan and I Drank for Labor Day, including

Saint Arnolds Divine Reserve 14 & 18

New Belgium's Voodoo Ranger IPA

Sweet Water's 420 EPA

Southern Star Texas Golden Bock


Nevada Brewing Wick For Brains Pumpkin Ale

August 27th, 2019    

Ugly Pug - Keenan and Adams’ Random Thoughts

Random thoughts with the help of Ugly Pug Black Lager by Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

August 20th, 2019    

Outer Darkness Imperial Stout - ASMR and Pre-School and Garden Books

Today On Opinions and Beer, Adam Gives a Swift Review of Outer Darkness Russian Style Imperial Stout, its swift because the Illuminati caused a crash at about 30 mins of the first recording of this episode, so the majority of our conspiracy and Illuminati talk will be saved for another episode, instead, we chat a little about school memories with it being Back to School Time, and The Gardening Book edray1416 is working on.  also, Edray1416 gives us Wine'ing with Edray, where he gives us a wine review. Fun filler episode until xAemonx is back on with us, be sure to join our Facebook Group. Opinions and Beer, and also for you fellow gamers, follow XaemonX on Twitch, and be sure to subscribe to both him and the podcast for regularly updated new content

August 13th, 2019    

Hoegaarden - Blue Moon - Celis White

Today we try 3 Belgium Ales that all have something in common besides just their style... Don't be mad, but 2 are Big Beer...  Be sure to join us on our facebook group at Opinions and Beer ! share what your favorite Belgium styled brews are! 

Hoegaarden Vs.

Blue Moon Vs.

Celis White

August 8th, 2019    

Video Game Character Bracket - Green Zebra

Today we have a Video Game Character Bracket!! Whiling Drinking Founders Green Zebra. A Gose Style Ale. 

Video Game Characters Include

Earthworm Jim



Banjo Kazooi

Crash Bandicoot



August 6th, 2019    

Blackened Voodoo Lager - News, Mass Shootings, Violent Video Games

*Audio Issues- Hopefully for the LAST TIME. using a new program, getting used to it, Adams Mic is lower than its supposed to be. 

Drinking Blackened Voodoo Lager while chatting NEWS

July 30th, 2019    

Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout - Mario Movie Pitch

Beer of the day begins at 5:00 - Opening we give a shout out to another podcast called "Trashed Talk" and Edray1416 does a wine review, Then I Review Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, which then leads into us chatting it up on a special Nintendo character Mario. as we Re-pitch a Mario Movie. Funny fun drinking good times. Be sure to Join Our Facebook Page "Opinions and Beer" to share your thoughts on Todays episode and what we should try to review/talk about next!

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